Friday, 11 March 2011

A month of hell. Feeling the cold. Stylish Bloggers.

It has been a whole month since I've last updated here.

I had all these grand plans of updating three times a week, maybe more, if I could fit it in, but the universe had its say and instead decided I needed to have a month from hell.

I've been working ridiculous hours these past weeks - one week I clocked up almost 65 hours. When I haven't been working, I've been sleeping or resting. I've not gone out, I've not done anything exciting.

What's the worst bit? I've not been stylish in the least. I feel like I'm letting the team down!

So, I intend to keep this blog going, but for the meantime, I won't be able to update as much as I'd like to.

With that said, lets get on with the blogging.

I'm off sick this afternoon. I went to bed at 7.45pm last night with the shivers and an aching body. I dragged myself into work around 10am this morning and got as far as 1pm before I had to admit that it just wasn't going to happen and I dragged myself home. Via, of course, the coffee shop where I bought the world's biggest coffee.

So now, I can't sleep and I'm blogging instead. Blogging and shivering, because I'm freezing cold but as soon as I throw on something heavier than a jumper, I'm sweating like a pig. It's really frustrating.

I got nominated by Dee over at Dee is for Dreamer whilst I was offline as a Stylish Blogger. I have to share seven things about myself.

One. I like to play The Sims 2. I think it's because it's a bit like playing Barbies on the computer. I get to dress up people, give them a comfortable life and tell them what to do. I like to think that it helps me control my bossy side.

Two. My favourite travel destination is New York City. Closely followed by Las Vegas.

Three. I'm a crazy woman that doesn't really like chocolate. I only eat it when I've got PMS.

Four. I never thought I'd be a very good blogger and it makes me really happy that I already have some people that comment on my blog and follow me.

Five. It really frustrated me when I went back to Australia last year and people said I had a British accent. I really like my Australian accent and I'd be terribly upset if I lost it for good.

Six. I love incredibly high heels and I'm starting to build a nice collection of them but I hardly ever wear them. My famous £4 flats are almost soleless.

Seven. I cut all of my hair off in 2008. I go through days where I wish I never did it (like today) and then I go through days where I think how clever I am to have such a stylish 'do without any effort.

That wasn't half as hard as I thought it would be. I like this award!

I'm supposed to nominate fifteen bloggers, but the majority of the bloggers that I love and follow have actually already been nominated for this award. If you haven't though, I'd love to see what your seven points about yourself are.

So, with that, it's time for me to finish up now. I'm off to chill out on the lounge with a cup of roobois tea and a thick blanket. The weekend starts now...

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Thursday, 10 February 2011

Busy. Stress sucks.

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It has been a very busy week in SE3. I have been down a team member and working late to cover it - I didn't get out of the office till past 8pm last night and most nights been working until at least 7pm. For someone that is used to being able to finish up by 6pm and head home it has been a shock to the system.

I am going to visit my family on the weekend in Hastings. I'll be taking my camera to get some shots but I'll be totally unglamourous - I've packed a hoodie, two t-shirts and a pair of jeans. Comfort ahoy.

I'll see you all on the flip side (that's Monday, you know).

Monday, 7 February 2011


Glee kids, I love you.

But you need to realize that there are more colours than shell pink in your closets. I would have paid good money to see Lea Michele in something bright pink.

However, there is one exception to this rule. Miss Jayma Hayes, you can do no wrong in my eyes.

and Jane Lynch. What happened to you? At the Golden Globes you looked amazing

and then you come out with this at the SAGs? Did you sack your stylist?

Sunday, 6 February 2011

A trip to Borough Market.

A casual Saturday trip to our favorite London Market.

I wore my favorite JAG jeans that I bought in Melbourne in January, striped cardigan from Primark, Racer Back Vest Top from Cotton On and Ballet Flats from Primark (the infamous £4 flats!)

With a coffee in hand, I was set to go. I can't wear nail polish at the moment as my cuticles are all cracked and gross due to the very cold weather. I can't wait to get a proper manicure soon so I can go back to pink nails again!

With a Diet Coke at the ready, Mr SE3 is rocking out in a pair of American Eagle jeans, Hollister Top and Faux Timberland boots (Thank you Big W).

Borough Market was already very busy by the time we go there. I had originally planned to walk via The Globe pub as I wanted to take some photos there. It is, after all, the home of Bridget Jones, but we were running late to meet a friend and didn't have enough time.

The first stall we stopped at was serving all types of curries and stews. I couldn't eat this particular dish as I am allergic to shellfish. I stopped and savored the smell though and our friend bought a dish and said it was amazing.

I don't like meringues but I did like this fanciful arrangement at one of the bakery stalls.

After a few hours walking around the riverbank, shopping the stalls and chatting away, I bought a (plastic) glass of Rose Prosecco and with that, Mr SE3 and I headed back to the house in the suburbs.

Friday, 4 February 2011

Purple and Grey.

Yesterday, I woke up feeling the winter blues, badly. So to combat any potential drabness, I decided to flaunt bright colours and a rocking tartan in grey and purple.

It has been a very long and exhausting week for me and I feel like I have not been making much of an effort, so I will be looking forward to a relaxed weekend where I can sort myself out for the week ahead, even if I can’t afford to get my hair cut and coloured this week. (Boo. Rent, you really suck sometimes)

I spent some time at lunch with my favourite gadget, my iPhone, finding new blogs to read through the Vogue Australia forums. I think people that post there seem to be really nice and super stylish. I have found most of my blogging ‘friends’ through there.

There sure are lots of lovely blogs out there. If you’re not in my sidebar and you have a blog, please let me know, so I can add your blog to my list.

Tomorrow I am heading out to Borough Market to catch up with a friend who has been travelling over the Christmas / New Year period. Since the occupants of the house in SE3 (that’s Mr SE3 and I, by the way) have no money due to aforementioned rent, we will spend lots of time wandering the stalls, trying all the free samples and taking lots of photographs.

Well I will be taking lots of photographs.....

Thursday, 3 February 2011

The five commandments of winter fashion.

This post is totally tongue-in-cheek, of course but we can all take a few tips from these five commandments as written on the tube, where I love to watch people transporting their way through Central London.

1. Thou shall not wear their ugg boots as a substitute for real shoes unless one is popping 'round the corner to buy milk. The same rules apply to tracksuit pants.

2. If one insists on wearing flat shoes for travel, make it a stylish pair of riding boots. No shiny vinyl hooker boots, please!

3. Thou shalt always remember to always wear a splash of colour. Blacks and browns are popular in winter fashion but something as simple as a bright scarf, hat or jacket can instantly brighten up your day.

4. Do not think that the cold weather will allow you to sleep in for an extra fifteen minutes and scrimp time on your beauty regime. If you want to luxuriate in bed, set your alarm 30 minutes earlier and do so. (I am so guilty of this!)

5. Thou shalt dry-clean heavy use jackets at least once a month. There is nothing worse than a skanky, smelly overcoat.

It's so hard to look stylish in winter, with all the heavy coats, gloves, scarves and hats. I raise my glass to any woman who manages to tame winter fashion.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011


This is my very first blog post. I was thinking about asking Mr SE3 how does one start a blog but I decided I would research it for myself. The first thing I found out was that an ‘about me’ post is pretty important.

I’m anonymous. I don’t want you to know exactly who I am because I enjoy being mysterious. I’m closer to thirty than I’d like to be. I am married and I live in the South Eastern suburbs of London. I think my dog owns more accessories than Mr SE3 does. 

I love shopping. Fashion, Home ware, Grocery. My favourite bag is my Louis Vuitton Speedy 25, my favourite shoes are my Primark £3 flats. I love cheap shopping, I love expensive shopping. I love it all. When I am not shopping, I am working. I work for a prestigious Investment Bank, where I provide support to Derivative Traders. I may come across as slightly dim but I can explain the credit crunch in layman’s terms in less than 1 minute. Try me. 

I’m getting into cooking. I love Jamie Oliver & Nigella Lawson. I wish I had listened to my Grandmother when she was trying to teach me to bake at a young age. I love photography and would like to take a course one day. 

I live a pretty regular life. I walk my dog, I travel when I can afford it, I like the sunshine and I hate the rain (it makes my hair go frizzy). 

I love to read blogs too, so if you’ve got a blog that’s not in my following list on my profile, please leave me a comment or send me an email! I don’t mind what subject your blog is on, because I always love to read another point of view. 

Phew. That’s over and done with now. Not as nerve wracking as I thought it would be.
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